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Shopping for new house, Joshi & Arizona Ice Tea
Anna's favorite, Vad Malna (wild raspberry) Fanta
Old Cemetary we pass on our way to Tesco
Obi is like Home Depot, 20 min. walk for us
Accross from Obi is Tesco - like Wal-Mart
Ice Cream counters here are so pretty!
Walking home...
Preschool accross from our bus stop, tiny bikes!
We walk past this Fransiscan Temple every day
Finally peeked inside the Fransiscan church.
The square around the church is Mátyás Ter
Amazing, inspiring and creepy all at once!
Dugonics Ter in early Oct., Indian summer still.
Lángos, fried dough w/ sour cream & cheese
Norbert's 1st Lángos in 8 years!
Kolbasz - Hungarian sausage - yummy.
It is Chestnut season, they line streets here.
You can gather chestnuts as you walk.
Szeged Paprika Festival, historical kitchen display
Also at festival, cauldrons of paprikás
Our favorite - Kurtoskalács!
Szeged Downtown bridge accross the Tisza
At Christmas this was all flooded
A favorite fountain in Mátyás Ter, SNL anyone?
The new mall, Arkad, opening day craziness
Three floors, 130 stores + food court
And Szeged's first KFC :-)
How much is it? Can you find your currency?
Kids at a Cukrászda, dessert & pastry shop
They all love the Vad Malna Fanta

Pictures taken here and there around Szeged.  Enjoy some glimpses into our new life here in Hungary. 
Apologies for the very short descriptions, often wanted to explain more.